Venezia Canal

Watercolor “Venezia canal” measures 16” x22”. The sunlight strains to find a path down the narrow canals that capture my attention with the play of light. Water reflections and shadows cast from the old Italian buildings. This is and has been an artistic playground. Painting the water reflections and shadows is always an experiment in painting what you see rather than what your head thinks. My bigger brushes are getting more use as I am trying to paint without worry and fuss. 

Frigid Sunrise Cycling on the Sammamish River

I captured this scene cycling on the Sammammish River trail. It was very cold and the sun was just beginning to penetrate the cold air. The sun cast these long dark reflections over the water surface that was washed in a soft orange hue, perfect to inspire a painting.  I continue to be drawn to reflections on water. The more I study, the more intriguing they become.

Figid Sunrise Cycling on the Sammamish River

16″ x 22″ framed giclee print $320, unframed $150

Henry Covered Bridge

Watercolor “Henry Covered Bridge” over Mingo Creek in Pennsylvania. This bridge is 12’ x 36’ built in 1881 and was used by militia as a meeting place in the 1890’s. As I studied this scene, the trees seemed to have arms covered in white bark that were illuminated by the sun. They appear as if moving and entangled amongst the deep shadows of the foliage.

Henry Covered Bridge

16″ x 22″ framed giclee print $320, unframed $150

Setting sun on a Florence street

Watercolor “Setting sun on a Florence street” 14” x 22”. It is always a challenge to get light to beam off of the paper, but as the painting developed as planned, the intensity of the glare came to life. I keep tackling more difficult scenes and subjects. When I am about 50% complete, I often wonder if the painting will end as I planned. Watercolor does not erase very well! This is one on my favorite paintings. The challenge of capturing the light was gratifying.Watercolor "Sun setting on a Florence Street"

16″ x 22″ framed giclee print $320, unframed $150

Duomo from via del L’Orivolo

Watercolor of the famous “Duomo from via del L’Orivolo” in Florence, Italy. This watercolor is 12” x 22” on Arches rough paper. As an Architect, Florence is one of the most architecturally rich cities of the world. After cycling in the Italian countryside, I would wonder in the squares and down the narrow streets in search of my watercolor inspiration! They were easy to find and so rich with detail, color and shadow. Sunlight pierces down the narrow side-roads and washed the Duomo in afternoon light for this painting.

Duomo from via del L’Orivolo

12″ x 22″ framed giclee print $300, unframed $130

Acacia on the Maasai Mara plain

Watercolor “Acacia on the Maasai Mara plain” 16” x 22”. This painting captures the grandeur and graceful structure of the iconic Acacia tree that seems to claim its space in the short grass of the plain. These few closeup photos show the watercolor pigments mixing while retaining their transparency. Getting the pigment to do this is always a challenge that must be completed quickly before the paper drys at all. Transparency is unique to watercolor, but can easily turn to mud if not done properly.

Watercolor Acacia on the Maasai Mara Plain
Acacia on the Maasai Mara Plain
16″ x 22″ giclee print $150, framed $320